When I go on holidays

and that is not so often,

Often I see ladies

within their perfection.


My interpretation of Young Pines brief.

Sarah Nicolls and Tim Exile perform at Bluecoat 09
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Sarah Nicolls interview
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Tim Exile interview
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Sarah Nicolls and Tim Exile rehearse at Bluecoat.
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Tim Exile warming up…
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I was invited to join local artist Katriona Beales. She had been wanting to talk and express her views as an artist about the homes and houses that get demolished. I am not local but I felt for the subject of local community and the sense of home. Our meetings ended up with a show documenting and responding to Housing Market Renewal in Liverpool. We called it 12.586 (which is the number of the houses to be demolished in Merseyside under the New Heartlands program, part of the national Housing Market Renewal Initiative launched in 2003). Nina Edge, who is renowned for her projects involving local communities and regeneration supported us by adding her own work as well as a talk with the public about the subject.

Artwork for 12.586 included photographic images with drawings interpreted, a short film by a local resident and also a ScribbleScribble book which was created by anyone who came in: even kids.

12.586 Exhibition documentation

A Story by the House


ScribbleScribble experiment

Watch the documentary here
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There is no reason why I have made this film except that I did try and help the bee to survive. I found the bee behind my make up bag in the bathroom. She (or he?) was half alive (or half dead?). Anyway, sometimes the fact why (or why not?) the artwork is (or is not?) created is more important than the actual artwork. And that says more than the artwork itself about the person who was involved (or was not?). This is part of my philosophy about people and what and how they do (or don’t do) things.

So finally who is in charge to make decisions to bee (or not to bee?)…